Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!


  • +1 to dropped shows; four (4) episodes
  • The art isn’t too awful although a bit subpar for 2012 standards
  • OP is rather catchy to bump along with. I can’t say the same for the ED however
  • I’m sorry, but the premise for this show is so stupid
  • The long-lost sister girl is annoying as fuck. She plays this anonymous game with the male lead that’s actually rather annoying and not even remotely funny; fuck her.
  • The fact that this show is relying on such a weak ass plot line gets on my nerves. Good job you lousy ass writers
  • The writers like to do this “just when you thought XXX, it’s really YYY, and ZZZ happened!” thing. It doesn’t add anything to the show, in fact it comes off looking stupid as hell
  • want to say that the show was mocking the imouto-loving trope found throughout the industry but that might be giving them too much credit
  • This is what they mean by a generic and stereotypical “harem”. The girls’ very existence is to serve as eye candy. They have to be involved with the male lead in one way or another or they’ll melt or some shit. Do you even dignity, girls? And to top it all off, they ain’t even that kawaii either, fuck.
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