Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate


  • +1 to dropped shows; ~3 episodes or so
  • Did you say… chocolate?!
  • Some decent eye candy (chuckles); didja see what I did there?
  • “Whoa, holy shit” intro into a stereotypical beginning into a normal high school club show?; my creative boner is confused
  • The art is… strange? Here’s some screenies:
  • I can’t tell if borderline aesthetic or uniquely above average? I mean, the art looks really fucking flat from an artistic standpoint; as if the characters are performing in front of a green screen. It might just be me though, it’s not something somebody would usually notice I know! It’s looks similar to visual novel artwork [ click for example ]
  • Both the OP and ED were pretty good. The former being an upbeat uptempo piece and the latter a nice and slow ballad
  • A case of one of the tropes(?) I hate in anime; an overpowered student body/council. It’s one of the most boring and poorly used angles in history; oh my god
  • Very political, not enough chocolate, pretty decent humor however
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