• A KyoAni production, so you already know
  • I prefer the first set of OP and ED over the ones used in the latter half of the show; both sets were a nice listen though
  • It has to be a crime to be this fucking aesthetic; oh . my . god, everything is just so pretty

  • Male lead is like some sort of fucking Sherlock Holmes with a 1.000 batting average
  • As with most SOL shows, the beginning beginning and midpoint feel like a fucking crawl
  • WTF is this slice of life investigational mystery life shit?
  • The crew just randomly finds random shit to investigate simply because… curiosity
  • It’s as if I’m convinced that KyoAni covered up the underwhelming plot and story with their production power. I’m on to you KyoAni…
  • Uhhhhh, that was the ending? What in the literal fuck?
  • Hyouka is stuck in an odd place. It’s not good enough to stand up there with the greats, it’s not terrible enough to warrant the pits of hell, but calling it “above-average” seems to be doing it a disservice
  • Watch it for the presentation, watch it for the details, watch it for the characters; at least watch it
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