Ano Natsu de Matteru

TV series

  • More like: [ Onegai, Senpai ] amirite guys?
  • Vaguely reminds me of [ Kannagi ] in the sense of “a casually supernatural’ed slice of life chopped up with some comedy and romance”
  • The artwork seems to fluctuate from aesthetic single frames to shabby-ish large scale group shots but it was by no means bad in any sense
  • OP/ED are both decent, has that legitimate SOL feel to them
  • Even if you took out the supernatural elements of the plot, the anime is still strong enough to stand alone as a great SOL rom-com. That said, the sci-fi / supernatural parts were… wonky
  • The characters develop pretty well and it was a truly a pleasure to experience their stories
  • The ending was bittersweet but they(author) dropped a quick epilogical hint letting you know what’s up– provided you paid attention to the details


  • Frustrating. I would have been damn upset if I had to wait two (2) years for this during the original broadcast. Minus like the first few and last few minutes, it offers no further extension to the original story. If I had to make sense of it, the OVA would chronically be after the main line ended and just before the outro/epilogue in episode 12.

best girl, clearly.

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