TV series:

  • +1 to droppe– yeah the fuck right
  • Time travel, quantum theory, parallelism, paradoxical; I feel smarter already
  • Even though I dislike Sci-Fi shows in general, this was interesting enough to keep my attention
  • The pair of leads are terrific and they’re backed by a bunch of diverse characters; great voice actors all around as well
  • OP is so-so, ED is a nice listen; pretty good OST all in all
  • Sometimes the pacing slows to a crawl and or acts like a slice of life sci-fi life
  • Some themes, plots, and elements used in the show are par the course for time travel-themed shows. In other words, S;G didn’t bring anything new to the table per se
  • A beautiful show, not without it’s flaws but beautiful nevertheless


  • A nice little bonus to view after the main line. It picks up where the main story ended and extends the story a bit further for viewer satisfaction; romantic slice of life rating = high


  • A bit… underwhelming to be honest. It felt like a rehash of the original S;G story but switched the lead perspective from Okabe to Kurisu
  • The ending sequences felt a bit rushed
  • They really cemented the romance between the leads throughout the movie

Specials (cognitive computing):

  • Just some random comedic short promo(?) clips involving the S;G characters. Some more (~12 minutes) S;G in your life

some bonus Kurisu because she’s such a kawaii tsundere genius:

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