• +1 to dropped shows; 3 episodes for this one
  • (sighs)
  • (looks at genre/tags) “school, comedy, ecchi, romance, harem”; well damn, this is my shit!
  • The content is of rather mature things (the show is rated R+, even) yet the characters look and sound like they’re in fucking middle school
  • Male lead = aspiring porn novel writer who gets erotic epiphanies when he becomes too aroused; lol
  • When I look at the VA list, most of them don’t seem to have much work under their belt aka weak and or new to the industry?
  • Plenty of ass and titties– that is, if you got your hands on the BD versions
  • I’ll file this one under the “useless show that was probably meant to make a quick buck/cash grab with BD sales”
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