• +1 to dropped shows
  • okay you motherfuckers, I know how you’re feeling right now
  • I believe I picked up Gintama towards the end of its airing dates meaning I had a lot to catch up on
  • I was a cute little kid back then who probably couldn’t fully appreciate all that dank Gintama humor
  • seriously though, the show wasn’t that funny
  • got some “heh”s and chuckles every now and then but not a real natural “LOL, that was funny” type of laugh
  • I dropped it after about 14 episodes in (probably less) because I would literally daydream and nap on my table whilst watching
  • I’ve had some watchers admit it takes some investment to get it rolling (like 20++ episodes or so)
  • … and you know how the saying goes: ain’t nobody got time for that
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