Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai


  • infamous show, damn near legendary status
  • incest = wincest
  • the first show where I actively looked into other adaptations, sources, materials, etc after I finished watching the anime
  • two (2) fucking seasons of win
  • why I love this show = unique in the incestly sense (snorts)
  • why I hate this show = motherfucking editors over in Japan screwed our male lead over (in the anime anyway) + best girl fucking lost
  • best girl (one of my favorite female characters in general) = Ayase Aragaki ; fuck . your. opinion(s)
  • Ayase Aragaki’s VA = my absolute favorite female VA in the industry, partly mostly due to the role of Ayase
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  1. Liebster(Lobster?) Award | Aniwhat? Aniwho? Anime.

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