Monogatari Series: First Season

  • disclaimer, I have a slight(lol) bias for the monogatari franchise, shit is just too piff
  • SHAFT = GOAT anime studio
  • sharp, witty yet rather intellectual dialogue
  • every character gets a story arc dedicated to them (spread across the other seasons)
  • Ara-ra-ra-gi– whoops I stuttered; makes for a great male lead
  • Senjougahara = best girl, fuck your opinion
  • [-monogatari] = story, legend, tale, etc
  • [bakemono-] = monsters, ghosts and shit
  • [nisemono-] = fake, liar, imitation, etc
  • [neko-] = cat, obviously
  • [kizumono-] = damaged goods or slang for second-hand girls
  • ^ SHAFT, when the fuck is this getting animated?!??!112
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